50 Images for William

(Kindle and iBooks versions).

Note: publication: 25th July 2016.

Illustrators featured in this advert are :

Vicky Kuhn –  http://cygnetink.com/galleries/vicky-kuhn/

Lucy Fleming – http://www.lucyflemingillustrations.com/

Alison Friend – www.afriendillustration.com/

Paula Shapland – https://twitter.com/minimonsterart

Kellie Nicely – www.facebook.com/kellienart/?rc=p

Edward Taylor – edwardiantaylor.com/


Paula Shapland 

In July 2016 we are publishing an eBook ’50 Images for William’ in memory of William Mead who died, aged one, of Sepsis.

44,000 people a year die from Sepsis in the UK. It is a treatable.

We are selecting some of the finest illustrators from around the world to donate one image to our book.

All proceeds will be donated to @SepsisUK

It is an exciting project for a good cause. Please support the book when it is published.


You can find those involved in this project at:

Melissa Mead – A Mother Without

Dr. Ron Daniels (NHS) – Clinical Adviser to NHS England – CEO Global Sepsis Alliance & UK Sepsis Trust (reg charity 1158843).


Slate1eBooks are donating free time, eBook creation, video production and resources.

You can buy the eBooks here:
50 Images for William
APPLE – iBooks
50 Images for William


illustrators so far…. 29th March, 2016

Paula Shapland – https://twitter.com/minimonsterart

Lucy Fleming – http://www.lucyflemingillustrations.com/

Maarten Lenoir – http://www.maartenlenoir.be/

Louise Pigott – http://loupeajeux.co.uk/

Patrick Brooks  – @P_S_Brooks

Vicky Kuhn –  @Vicky_Kuhn

Kelly Maddy – @KellyMaddyArt

Claire Powell – @misspowellpeeps

Chloe Douglass – @chloillustrates

Sally Foster –  @illustrator68

Nick Sharratt @NickSharratt1

Steve Brown – http://www.stevebrownillustration.co.uk/

Marc B Doodles @DoodlesMarc

Charles Beyl – http://www.charlesbeyl.com/

Jeremy Wise – @jeremywise41

Forrest Burdett – forrestburdett.com

Conor Rawson – https://conorrawson.carbonmade.com

Mark Povey – http://www.markpoveyillustrator.com/

Steve Brown – @SteveSketchesIt

Bridget Strevens – http://bridgetmarzo.com/


More to follow …..



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